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About Syntax

Syntax is a comprehensive accounting, payroll and business management services serving businesses in Victoria. We value professionalism, reliability and strategic thinking when it comes to serving our clients. Find out more about the services we offer medium sized businesses on our Products page. 

Supporting Businesses of All Types With Accounts and Payroll

We offer services to a diverse range of businesses that operate across industries -- from tourism to mining and transportation. Over the course of Syntax’s history, we have learned from working with such diverse businesses, and use that knowledge to streamline our clients’ processes and improve their efficiency from multiple angles. We know that businesses have different strengths and weaknesses, and by working closely with your accounts we have the opportunity to identify and solve problems. 

Meet Suzanne

Suzanne is Syntax's founder and lead accountant and has worked with nearly every industry out there over the past 30 years. She holds an executive MBA and has an astute understanding of business needs that helps her develop business growth strategies her clients are able to implement. Suzanne works with a diverse array of clients, and focuses on providing timely, efficient, strategic and reliable accounts support.
Contact suzanne@syntax.com.au for business strategy and accounting management
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