Accounting Products and Business Management Tools


Syntax offers standard or online business management and accounting services. We use Attaché accounting management, which is the leading software for medium businesses that have outgrown the limitations of entry-level accounting software. Unlike other accounting software, Attaché is tailor maid for the needs of medium-sized businesses. Attaché helps improve end-to-end efficiency and allows for real-time management. Take a look at the products and services we currently offer below:
  • Attache software for accounts and payroll departments
  • Express leave service for online leave management for employees
  • Biz Docs and online document management including pay advices and payment summaries for employees, customer orders, customer invoices, purchaser orders, supplier invoices and supplier remittances
  • Attache cloud suitable for operating Attache accounts or payroll in the cloud
  • The Clearview dashboard management tool
  • Payroll integration with time and attendance systems
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